Bridges & Structures

Sunesis Construction is Department of Transportation certified for bridge and concrete construction in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. We’re also certified by many other public agencies. And, Sunesis is experienced in multiple bridge-building techniques—steel girders, pre-stress concrete I-Beams, pre-stress box beam designs, as well as cast-in-place structures. These projects range in length from single-span to multi-span construction.

Sunesis has expertise with pre-cast concrete construction including three- and four-sided box culverts, pre-cast wingwalls and headwalls as well as single and twin leaf arch construction.

And, Sunesis skill goes beyond new builds. We are also experienced in bridge repair and rehabilitation, including fixing structural joints, parapet and barrier walls, deck resurfacing and structural patching of the existing build.

In addition to interstate bridge construction, Sunesis also specializes in pedestrian bridges and elevated pedestrian pathways. We are also skilled at building structures for railroad and commercial development

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