Design-Build projects combine the design and construction of a project into one contract. The general contractor teams up with a design firm to build the project from the design stages, through construction, to completion of the contract. A Design-Build contract allows the contractor to use its innovative construction techniques to complete the project at a lower cost to the owner.

Sunesis has strong working relationships with experienced design firms, which builds the foundation of a design team. This cohesion allows the design firm to design the project around our strengths and expertise.

Recently, the Ohio Department of Transportation experimented with a Design-Acquire-Build project, whereas the design team was responsible for the acquisition of right-of-way (R/W). Sunesis completed the first successful Design-Acquire-Build contract with ODOT on US-68 in Wilmington, Ohio, which included a bridge, roadway realignment and underground utilities.

As Design-Build construction contracts become more prevalent in the private sector, Sunesis looks forward to using its experience to fulfill the escalating demand for innovative ways to lower construction cost.

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